Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zinc - September Crack House Mix

Zinc is back with another cracked out fidget house mix to feed your addiction. Plenty of the usual suspects, plus loads of new tunes... there's this banger at 24:28 that sounds like Dillinja doing house. Seriously distorted 808 booms smacking it down to a stomping riddim with some odd percussion accents, fucking tears up the mix as it blend into "Watch This". Also I'm really feeling the Temp-T "Next Hype" house remix, with that heaving buzzing bassline, so angry and murky. It's not all dark slamming shit, either, plenty of bubbling, jumpy tunes keep this feeling fast and fun. Love that it ends with "What a wonderful Day".... such a great mood lifter. Really a fantastic September Crack house mix.


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