Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stenchman - Free Album

Stenchman – The Album via You Dun Know

Audio : http://www.sendspace.com/file/xi6u4i
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I don't usually get too in-depth with reviews, in the dawn of the internet age it usually seems kind of moot, you can usually listen to snippets and form your own opinion. But fuck it, might as well. Overall I feel the the hits out weigh the misses on this LP. Stenchman shows a bit of growth and restraint with this release as well delving more into musicality than we are used to seeing from him. Sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't. Prime Time Swine is an absolute slammer, grinding out on several top DJ's playlist ATM. The Putrid Creature and Gut Fucker VIPs are sick demolition tear outs. The moodiest track on here is Banks of the Nile, which haunting and kind of sad in a beautiful way. Love that tune, it really should of been the album opener but instead we got Too Filled With Horror to Cry. For such a strong title I was surprised at how weak of track it actually was. It was trying to be moody and minimal but honestly came across as bit bland and repetitive for me. Just not enough interesting bits in those loops get across the somber vibe that it was aiming for. Some other misses for me include the Lisztomania Remix, and the remix of Burials Archangel was a bit of a wobbly mess as well. But hey look, we got some new experiments form the Stench that work pretty well too. Thats the whole point of an album, right, exploring and mutating your sound, and editing down to the essential ideas. It's all bout the big picture, which works here. I think tunes like Cockeck and New Sock 2 Sock, give us some new ground that we haven't heard much of. Cockeck with jumpy horns punctuated with grinding bass, similar to the DNB flavored Gypsy Tart. And then New Sock 2 Socks, which has some creepy uncle samples and a murky bass. For that, you can forgive some of the mis-steps and chalk that shit up to artistic growth. It's a free download, that's at least worth a tenner. Don't forget to donate.

Tracklisting :

1 – Too Filled With Horror To Cry
2 – Prime Time Swine
3 – Archangel Remix
4 – Everything
5 – Cockeck
6 – Putrid Creature VIP
7 – Banks Of The Nile
8 – Lisztomania Remix
10 – Fuck Off
11 – Overtaker
12 – New Socks Two Socks
13 -Gutfucker VIP
14 – Gypsy Tart

Stenchman has asked that any kind donations for all his hard work go to stenchmandub@hotmail.com
Follow Stenchman on Twitter: @Stenchman

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