Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Xmas Tunes round-up

Check out all the free shit that was going around X-mas time. Damn, looks like I missed out on a truckload of goodies. Big upt to YouDunknow for the hosting re-ups. The blogosphere owes you one.

Skream (Zip) : The Freeizm Album : Skream presents the Freeizm Album (via YouDunKnow)
Skream – Gather Round : Skream – Gather Round (via YouDunKnow)

Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP

Funtcase – Half Drunk (via YouDunKnow)
Funtcase – HotDogFace (via YouDunKnow)
Funtcase – Make Our Day VIP (via YouDunKnow)

Fused Forces – Cold Turkey EP (via YouDunKnow)

Fentplates – Evolutions Vol.1 (via YouDunKnow)

Benton – It’s Whatever (via YouDunKnow)

Silkie – The Night Before (via YouDunKnow)

Jakes (Zip) : Jakes Xmas Zip (Via YouDunKnow)
Truth : Truth – Perfect Combination (via YouDunKnow)
Jack Sparrow Xmas Zip (via YouDunKnow)

Kutz – Wined Up (via YouDunKnow)

Damn way to start off the new year, fully laced up with fresh tunes. Big thanks to all the producers out there with a generous heart.

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