Monday, December 20, 2010

Stenchman - Free Christmas Album

Stenchman gives big around the holidays, check it, another free fucking album (not just ten tunes either, a whopping 18 free tracks!). I'll this one a full proper review when I have the time, but just after a first listen, I can tell it's some most textured and musical work we seen from Stenchman yet. There's a little something for everybody. Upfront tear-outs, tech house bouncers, 8-bit stompers, mellow rollers, and musical gypsy tunes are all up for grabs, making for a perfect dubstep stocking stuffer. Grab this while it's up, 'cos it won't last long!

Stenchman – The Xmas Album (via

01. Stenchman – Antimatter
02. Stenchman – Big Trouble In Little Vagina
03. Stenchman – Coin Grab Fucktard
04. Stenchman – Free Will
05. Stenchman – Gregory 140
06. Stenchman – Spaceman (Stenchy Bootleg)
07. Stenchman – Intermission
08. Stenchman – Minor Shuffle
09. Stenchman – Next Level Mission
10. Stenchman – On The Road Again
11. Stenchman – How Many Are Alive
12. Stenchman – Psycho Killer
13. Stenchman – Psycho Killer (Dub)
14. Stenchman – This Is Important
15. Stenchman – When the Sun Goes Down
16. Stenchman – Won’t Get to Me
17. Markomen + Stenchman – The Strangler
18. Stenchman – The Cosmological Constant

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