Friday, December 17, 2010


Yes, yes, the Coki LP finally drops! No one drops a wobble like Coki. His bass sounds are warm, tortured, and full of heavy melancholy that can't be matched. Urban Ethics starts on with a stuttering wobbler, Shock It, designed to creep you out with it's dungeony bong-hit atmospheres and subtle horror undertones. The bass pattern and phrasing get especially hectic and paranoid after the second drop. This one's been well rinsed on DJ tracklists with good reason. Next two get deep and rootical with Old Hope and Serious. Serious feels like it should be part of a score for Jamaican crime film in a calm-before-the-storm scene. Who knows with all that's happened in Kingston gang siege this pass year, it could very well happen. It's got a dubby mellow bass, that familiar tension building jamaican guitar, and an eerie flute melody to tie all together. A little dusty and a lot smokey for the meditative folks. The 4th tack on the Lp is intermission time. I dunno Intergalactic feels a bit out of place to me, and I guess I'll chalk it up to artistic experimentation. I mean the album is basically flawless except for this disjointed track. It falters with it's off-kilter horn patterns and weird-fx palette.The melody is buried in the mix, and is nearly indistinguishable. A cracking snare is the only redemption. But nevermind that because the following three tunes are absolute classic Coki tear-outs. Robotnik is a phaser blaster wobble-out tune, that's heavy on droning filters, and evokes that prevalent feeling of murky sadness we get with a lot of Coki's work. Almost like a song a robot slave would sing while toiling on a Martian mining colony. It's daaaaaarkkkkk. But my favorite tune on the LP is the ferocious growler known as Animal. It's just so aggro and punchy with digital barks accenting an already stormin' bassline. It's fucking banging! Long tones of creepy pads, detuned organ riffs, buzzing bleep drops flesh out the rest of tune to make it truely dynamic. That's what I love about Coki, sure the man can craft a lethal bassline, but the attention he puts into the small cinematic details really takes it to the next level. Last tune on the LP is a bit of chill wobbler to help you come-down from the high of the previously tunes, or get you high all-over again, depending if you put this on loop or not. It works out either way. I can't recommend this LP highly enough. It's everything I love about good dubstep. Ignore 12th generation Coki imitators out there, and grab the real deal.

Buy Urban Ethics.

01: Shock It
02: Old Hope
03: Serious
04: Intergalactic
05: Robotnik
06: Animal
07: It

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