Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loop StepWalker - Radio Autopsy

Loop Stepwalker - Radio Autopsy (Electrostep mix Clip) by Loop Stepwalker

Well, here we have it, the song that finally broke dubstep. This is when Fonzi jumps the shark and we have to tune into to the next episode to see if he gets devoured or not. I've been mostly ducking the glut of noise merchants that have been disguising themselves as dubstep, for the better part of the year. Occasionally I'd check in to see if there were any diamonds in the rough, but for the most part, it's been all Borgore and Funtcase derivative wanna-bes. Until now. Loop Stepwalker (sigh, that name actually pains me to say out loud) delivers the next evolutionary step of filth in this self-proclaimed "electro-step" tune. Really it's just a mash-up of bro-step, house, and gabber. I'd compare it to when breakcore emerged out of the drum n bass and gabber scenes, but that'd be a disservice to the productions quality here. While I kind of loathe the actual tune, I can't deny the superior craftsmanship or innovation that's happening. It seems like it's a natural progression of the extreme switch-up bassline style that's been churned out the past two years, but mashing genres and executing in a crisp and professional manner. Anyways give a listen, and comment below and tell me to fuck off, I'm probably way off basis.


Irdialmusic said...

hehehe i'm the freak retarded that made that track... and gotta say thanks!!! i did exactly that, in some sarcastic way.


Anonymous said...

This track offends my ears...it is to dubstep what SouljaBoy is to hiphop.