Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Distance ft. Alys - Falling Video

This Distance tune has been pretty rinsed at this point, and usually that's when a video will pop and make sense, so chances are most of you have heard this one in a bunch of top players sets and already have your opinion about the tune. I like it, it's moody, got a nice buzzing bass and a pop vocal line from Alys. A pretty straight forward tune. The video is no different really, just a slo-motion breaker, with some clever edits and speed ramps. It's standard, tastefully done, but could have been pushed much further. I'm glad cliched paint drips, water splashes, dust impacts didn't make there way into this, but nothing really transcends the literal here either. This could benefit from a good twist and a slight break from the typical dance video tropes. But hell, I'm happy for Distance, the man is a don, and has been making stonkers and hard tunes for ages. Good for him getting a video out there.

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