Monday, April 4, 2011

ill.Gates & Ana Sia - Gene Splice Free Download

Well I may be opening up pandora's box by covering Glitch Hop in this blog, but since I've sort of covered it in the past with Juakali, and Bassnectar... doesn't seem much point in avoiding it.

This one by ill.Gates has kind of an asian string melody clashing up against a transformer bassline. Panning robot noises and video games sounds, play up the glitch angle with a finely chopped stuttering breakdown... however it mostly rolls out and doesn't get too crazy with the cuts and clicks. There's some finesse and restraint used that adds a bit of sophistication to track. The whimsical character of some the riffs work as a counterpoint to that hard grinding robo-bass, giving it the added interest to stand up to multiple plays. A little bit of sweet-n-sour action if you will (sorry, thats a terrible metaphor). As far as the [adult swim] line-up I can see this in the Afro-Samarai credit roll, no problem.

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