Monday, April 4, 2011

MartyParty - Hard in da Paint – Waka Flock Purple Flame Remix Free Download

Thug Tetris. That's the best way to describe with one really. It's got one of the whiny distorted organ basslines, some thug sample, hells bells, squee gated synths, and other tweaked out elements. Even with all that going on this tune is rather repetitive and simplistic, and could really benefit from a proper MC flow to flesh out into a full bore anthem. I haven't heard the original so so knows, maybe it's a epic tune already and this is the deconstruction. It's really good, just begging for something more to happen with it.


Anonymous said...

Lex Luger got 'Hard in da paint' perfectly right the first time...altering the top lines was a pure slice of unnecessary fuckery.

Jcrash said...

In thats case try this one, LOL: