Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Klashnekoff "Clear my throat"

Got this one from the peeps at Bangers and Smash. K-Lash comes correct with a grime rework of Biz Markie's legendary Let Me Clear My Throat. The video is rather standard footage of boxing rings, cars doing donuts in parking lots, tattoo parlours and housing projects. I like it though. It's simple, honest and straight forward. They are just having fun, hanging out and goofing around. Not posing too be ultra gangsta and not hiding behind lots of bling, or hoodies and masks. Klashnekoff belts-out heavyweight bars with a minimal taunting chorus, and to me, it's a proper tribute to the Biz. It's crazy how fucking catchy and fun that beat is still after all these years. It still sounds fresh.

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