Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rusko - Somebody to Love - video

An unlikely story. Two old people meet, fall in love, and brock out a Rusko gig @ the Congress on NYE in Chicago. This of course tells a very different story from the cruel reality of a teen being raped outside of Rusko's gig after being turned aways for having no ID. To be fair Rusko did tweet about the incident after he learned of it and was shocked and horrified as any reasonable person would be.
“Shocked and Saddened by this ... if you saw ANYTHING AT ALL do the right thing & contact Chicago PD"

Still the video seems to be a bit insensitive. Perhaps if it was a montage of venues and not so clearly the Congress, I wouldn't have such a negative reaction to it. At least music-wise it delivers us some sorely needed vintage Rusko vibe. It's just a mystery to me, why anyone would want to associate their song called "Somebody to Love" with a night ended up being so tragic and brutal.

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