Thursday, May 24, 2012

K Chico - Burn - Blues Beat

Here's a cool blues beat little electronica thing by K Chico. It sounds like the opening for the Sopranno's if it was remixed by a heroin addict. You know it's that Grinderman/ Nick Cave brain melting vibe coated with a syrup dripping upright and gentle wave of white noise. Southern mellow guitar plucks and pitched-down vocals channeling Tom Wait on salvia divinorum... this is the kind music that heroin kid on Treme should be making. The video is drenched with sweaty morphs, telling the story of a model and photographer on blurry whirlwind adventure to nowhere. There's a few interesting animations that are added on such as ink spills, fractal make-up flames, subtle optical flares, and basic composites. The overall effect is a slow motion drug trip exploring glamour and beauty.

some facts:
pre production - 5 Months
days of shooting photos - 2
people on set - 6
total Pictures taken - 3072
Pictures used in the Video - 256
average time of work morphing one scene - 6Hours
scenes morphed in total - 108
scenes used in the video - 42
actual videos used in video - 3

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