Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Noisia - "The Devil May Cry" Melting X-Boxes Everywhere in 2013.

Got an interesting press release from the The Collective today. Apparently Noisia isn't content with murdering your home stereo equipment, there' set on melting your X-boxes too. So far these bass merchants have done no wrong and are still one of the most consistent and brutal bass acts around. I prefer their drum n bass, but this is good too! Check it!
Today Capcom announced that the popular video game series, Devil May Cry or DMC’s soundtrack will be produced by Noisia and the rock band Combichrist. Noisia recently released the “Devil May Cry Soundtrack Sample” on Soundcloud and made the almost 3 minute track available for free. They also released a statement surrounding their work on the upcoming video game, which is due out in stores January 15th 2013 on Xbox and PS3.

"Its been an awesome experience working with Ninja Theory on the game. We had great freedom but were also bound by certain criteria typical in the game world, these are challenging boundaries (for example; consistency in sonics over 180 minutes of music) but also lots of space in terms of dynamics & progression and instrumentation, being able to create soundscapes without having to worry about holding the attention of a dancefloor. Also, their music director was great to work with, good vibes. It's great when you get to play to your strengths. And the game kicks ass." - Noisia

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