Friday, October 14, 2011

Azealia Banks and Lunice - Runnin'

Azealia Banks and Lunice - Runnin' by Azealia Banks

'You're only as good as a your next one' applies just as much to music as it ever did to the world of film so I thought it'd be interesting to see what Ms Azealia Banks, her of the relentless swag and naughty lyrics, did after 212 blew up music blogs and mainstream media. Just the other day, the Harlem native assured Mary Anne Hobbs that she had a mixtape and album on the way; 'Runnin'' looks like it'll feature on at least 1 of these.

The classically-trained Ms Banks kicks into an impressive double-time flow before warming to her lyrical theme - the condemnation of men-folk who lack in swag. Relentless bars roll by with Azealia not letting things like rhyme variation hold her back; 'If not, he better come with the right dick; If not, then bitch you probably know that he like dick'.

Lunice's production is awesome, reflecting all the diversity of a young Canadian who cites Ed Banger, Dilla and Bangladesh as his creative influences. Frantic, juking, high-hat toplines could have been built by Machinedrum while breakdowns and basslines would grace Jeezy's finest flows. Lunice Fermin Pierre III has, effectively, birthed a musical chimera.

There's so much more to Azealia Banks than we see on this track - I genuinely missed the honey-soaked hooks which made such effective counterpoints to her ranting, distorted verses on 212. When Ms Banks uses all her massive vocal talents, she's a refreshingly-creative, hard-edged MC. When she doesn't, she resembles a female Waka Flocka whose weak bars are carried by outstanding production.

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