Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SKREAM - Demented Free download



Man, can't believe I slept on this freebie for nearly two weeks. For shame, for shame. Skream is about as close to a flawless producer as you can get. He just about knocks everything out of the park, and the tunes that he doesn't, he makes up for it by making slamming tracks like this and giving them out for free. What can I can I say, it's a must download. This one is a lazer-fueled battle with dementia, forever rising and building a wobbly staircase to nowhere. It's Maximum Overdrive but instead of machines revolting, it's 1980's computers. A white-noise digital rinse-out with a tearing repeater bass, printer's freaking out, and modem's screaming they're going to kill you. A complete archaic robotic meltdown. When Skream flexes like this it reminds me that not everything robotic and digital has to sound like some stupid Transformer out-take reel. Hats off to you Skream, and thanks for the freebie.

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