Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) (Joker&Ginz remix)

Hot on the heels of the homie J-Crash unveiling Kraddy's grinding, filthy beats comes a slightly nostalgic disinterment of this 2009 masterpiece from the fevered minds of Bristol's own Joker and his American accomplice, Ginz.

The original 'Everything Up' is a pleasant, if slightly forgettable, piece of ambient pop with breathy lyrics being complemented by well-balanced layers of snare and synth. It's the sort of relaxing, jingling tune that mothers would enjoy while commuting or wholesome young folk might listen to during a picnic.

Joker&Ginz slow down, distort and darken everything remotely up-tempo and sunny about this track. The sweet girl-scout next door suddenly grew-up, changed her name from Emily to Coco and swapped Glee Club for Spearmint Rhino. The original drums, arpeggiated synth and some vocals remain while the track's personality is driven into the gutter by a grinding bass riff and twisted, tortured vocal sample. These two layers are enough to make even the most innocent of pre-school instruments, the tambourine, sound smutty.

What Joker&Ginz have created here is a work of remix genius; the whole track feels changed while still staying faithful to the original. Kick back and wallow in this dirty, seedy banger - you'll see what I mean.

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Jcrash said...

Hell yeah Mike, nice follow up. Joker & Ginz turned that Zero 7 track inside out and dragged it through the streets by it's hair. Sounds like the soundtrack to an opium den/ brothel in Future World A.D.